Nothing can save a marriage if it’s on brink of breaking up. Not even Marriage Counseling.

There are 3 things in this world which nobody can control. Life, death and marriage. These 3 things are the existing proofs which show us that there is a superior force always at work constantly helping the universe to flow smoothly and maintaining the equilibrium in nature.

There are many things which you can attain in life by working hard and giving your optimum effort, however, to induce love for oneself in another is something which nobody can control. Perhaps even God can’t change his creation’s mind if the creation doesn’t want to, maybe it is because of the free will which makes us human. 2 people become close friends due to the proximity of their thoughts and ideas which make them attracted to one another. Despite falling in love, they won’t confess their feelings as there are chances for a heartbreak.

They will wait and carry on with their usual lifestyle and wait till they both feel the same emotion towards each other, and that’s when they decide to finally fall in love and get married. That’s the most difficult task, staying together for the rest of their lives. Every relationship has its ups and downs and two people in love will definitely work together to maintain the harmony in their relationship, but once the chemistry between them fades away there is no going back to the same place where they started. Human mind is very unpredictable, at one moment it feels deeply and longingly for the other one, and often it does not feel a thing, and once the feelings are gone I don’t know why it is difficult for people to stay with it.

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How on earth they can move on having a feeling of impassiveness about each other. How can they even forget about the sweet and memorable things we end up doing for each other? I wish life had a rewind button so that every memory can be revisited and arouse the feelings of unconditional love and affection for each other. This feeling has to come involuntarily and can’t be forced.